Using the MiPro Personal PA

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Using Personal PA 

Getting Started

  • Once you have the MiPro speaker out, turn the power switch on. (Power switch Is a dial Labeled: (Power/Mic VOL
  • Plug in AC adapter into the power port and then into the wall

Using Aux Audio

  • Connect the aux cord to the input labeled: (LINE IN)
  • Connect the aux cord to the headphone port on your laptop or computer
  • Turn the LINE VOL to the desired volume

Using the Wireless Mic (Two can only be used at time)

  • Once you have the mic out of the PA bag, you want to insert the batteries. Batteries can be located in the PA bag
  • To insert the batteries, unscrew the bottom of the mic and insert them.
  •  Flip the switch on the front of the mic to power it on.
  • When the mic is powered on you will see the corresponding channel illuminate. If the mic isn’t connecting to a channel, then it will need to be re-synced. Read the “syncing the microphones” section.
  • Turn the volume up and down on the channel with the dial located on the PA.

Syncing the Microphones ONLY if mics aren’t syncing to the channel on the PA. 

  • Make sure the mic is powered on. Do not remove the batteries
  • There is a red sensor located on the back of the mic, hold the red senor up to the desired channel on the PA, either channel 1 or channel 2
  • Press the “scan/act” button on the PA channel and wait 3 secs
  • “RF” indicator will show you which channel you are on, then you may adjust the volume on the channel

Turning off the PA

  • Turn the power all the way to the left. It will click off.

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