A Guide to on-boarding your iOS device(iPad/iPhone) using the eduroam CAT tool.

  1. Connect your device to the Internet using a known network.  On campus you can download the installer from the "Lesley Guest" Wifi.
  2. Open Safari web browser to cat.eduroam.org and click the button to "download your eduroam installer"
  3. Select "Lesley University" for your Organisation. If you don't see it you can search for it.
  4. Click to download the "Apple iOS moble devices" button
  5. Press Allow in order to download the configuration
  6. Press Close when the download finishes
  7. Now that you have the profile downloaded go to you devices settings and click on "Profile Downloaded"
  8. Click on the "eduroam Lesley University" profile
  9. Press Install 
  10. Press Next
  11. Press Install
  12. Press Install
  13. Enter you Lesley Email Address making sure you have the @lesley.edu to the end.  Then press Next
  14. Enter you Password and then press Next
  15. Press Done
  16. Now go to your Wi-Fi setting and select eduroam to connect to it.