Beginning in the new year, Lesley is rolling out a new wireless network for students, faculty, and staff to use on campus and beyond. See below for answers to questions you may have about eduroam, which is our new wireless network. For step by step instructions on connecting your computer or mobile device to eduroam, please visit our  support site

eduroam FAQs

What is eduroam?

Eduroam (education roaming) is a secure, global, roaming wireless network created for colleges, universities, and research institutions.

What does eduroam do?

The eduroam wireless network allows Lesley faculty, staff, and students to securely connect to the Internet both on campus and when visiting other participating eduroam locations. This includes many universities in the greater Boston area such as Harvard, BC, BU, Emerson, etc!  

It also allows visitors from other eduroam participating institutions to easily connect to our wireless network.

Why is Lesley moving from lesley_open and lesley_secured to eduroam?

By switching to eduroam, Lesley students, faculty, and staff can connect to a global Wi-Fi service that provides secure and fast Internet connectivity at access points both locally and across the globe. This change will greatly expand wireless connectivity for the Lesley community in the immediate greater Boston area, as there are 20 other participating institutions in Boston alone!  

This change will also benefit Lesley faculty traveling for scholarly and collaborative work, students studying abroad and visiting other campuses, and anyone traveling to another participating eduroam institution. 

Will the lesley_open and lesley_secured wireless networks be going away?

Yes.  The lesley_open and lesley_secured networks will stop accepting new devices on January 13th, 2020, though any previously-registered devices will continue to connect.  The networks will then be fully retired on May 31st.  

Faculty, staff, and students have until May 31st to configure their current devices to start using eduroam instead of the lesley_open or lesley_secured network.

Is eduroam safe?

Eduroam uses the latest encryption and authentication standards. It’s far more secure than commercially available public wireless networks and will be a significant improvement from the current lesley_secured and lesley_open networks.

How do I connect to eduroam?

Visit to configure your device.  Step by step instructions for configuring your device can be found on our support site

Once configured, you will log into eduroam using your full Lesley email address and password. When you connect to eduroam at a participating institution, the network forwards your credentials to Lesley, where they are verified and validated. This validation request happens behind the scenes, and you should be able to access the institution’s eduroam network immediately. Eduroam doesn’t make you enter your username and/or password in a webpage to connect when you’re not at Lesley. 

Just a reminder - you need to connect using your FULL Lesley email address and not your short username.

Do I need to configure eduroam each time I use it?

No.  Once you have configured a computer or mobile device for eduroam at Lesley, it should seamlessly work at each participating institution you visit.

Why do I have to use my Lesley email address to log into eduroam?

You have to log into eduroam using your Lesley email address and password to validate and verify your credentials at other institutions. Your email address proves that you are part of the Lesley community. Once eduroam has verified that you are part of a participating eduroam institution, you won't have to re-enter your credentials to connect when you’re at another institution.

What devices can I connect to the eduroam network?

Most phones, laptops, and tablets should be able to connect to eduroam.  Step by step instructions can be found on our support site 

Game consoles, streaming devices, smart TVs and other browserless devices will not be able to connect to eduroam. These will need to onboard to the Lesley Guest network.  See How to register a smart device on the Network for instructions on how to register and connect one of these devices to the Lesley Guest network.

What can’t I connect to eduroam?

Gaming consoles, smart TVs, and streaming devices connect differently and can’t use the eduroam network.

See How to register a smart device on the Network for instructions on how to connect to the Lesley Guest network.

What if I have issues connecting to eduroam?

If you have issues configuring or connecting a device to eduroam when on campus,  please contact the help desk at or 617-349-8770.

If you are visiting a participating institution, please contact their local helpdesk support.

Where else can I use the eduroam network?

The eduroam network is currently available in over 100 countries.  There are 113 participating institutions in New England, and 25 of those are located in Massachusetts!

 See lists of current eduroam service providers by region below: