How update your Profile for eduroam on Android devices that have the eduroam-CAT app installed.

  1. Open the eduroam-CAT app.
  2. Switch to the Profiles Tab
  3. Click on "Remove Profile"
  4. Press Yes to remove the profile.
  5. Switch to the Install Tab
  6. Then Switch back to the Profiles Tab
  7. Press Manual Search.
  8. If Lesley University is listed, select it and skip to step 12, otherwise continue to the next step. 

  9. If Lesley University is not in the list, select Manual Search at the bottom
  10. Enter Lesley into the search bar, and then press Search to find it

  11. Now select Lesley University 
  12. If you get a "Allow eduroam to to access..." pop-up, press Allow 

  13.  Press Install

  14. Press Yes 
  15. Enter your Lesley email address with the and password.  Then press Install. 

  16. Close the eduroam CAT app and go to your WiFi setting and select eduroam as your network.