Due to upgrades in the Lesley Wireless network if you installed eduroam on your device prior to Sept 2021 you may need to reinstall eduroam.  


Please follow the same steps used for eduroam on-boarding for Windows.  When you install it will overwrite the old version with the new.

Mac OS

You will need to remove the old eduroam profile from you device.  Please follow these steps.

1. Go to System Preferences  

2.  Select Profiles

3. Click on eduroam profile and remove it by pressing the minus button.

4. Follow the  eduroam on-boarding for OS X guide to install the updated version.


Follow this support article eduroam Android Updating your Profile

iOS Devices

1. Go to Settings

2. Select General

3. Select Profile

4. Select eduroam

5. Select Remove Profile

6. It may ask you to unlock your phone

7. Select Remove 

8.  Now follow the eduroam on-boarding for iOS Devices guide