A Guide to on-boarding MacOS devices to eduroam using CAT.  Please note the minimum OS version needed on MacOS to use eduroam is 10.13(High Sierra). 

1. Connect your device to the Internet using a known network.  On campus you can download the installer from the "Lesley Guest" Wifi without signing in.

2. Open Safari (other web browsers may not work), go to cat.eduroam.org.

3. Click on the "Click here to download..." button.

4. Select Lesley University from the Organization List. You can search for it in the search field if it's not in the list.

5. Click on the "Download your eduroam..." button. 

6. A message box with a link to the downloadable Profile will appear.  Click on Continue to get to the download.

7. Click Download to download the profile.

8. If you get a "Do you want to allow downloads..." Popup press allow

9. You should then get a popup that tells you to review your profile.  If not, go to your download folder and run the eduroam config

10. Go to System Preferences

11.  Select Profiles

12. Select Install

13.  Enter your Lesley email address with the @lesley and password then press Next

14. Enter your Lesley credentials a second time in the "Wired Network" Window and press Install

15. Click Install.

16. You may get a system popup.  If so, enter your password for the computer and press OK.

17. Go to your wireless setting and choose eduroam to connect,