While working remotely, if you are calling a constituent from a personal phone line and do not want to reveal your personal phone number, please follow your telephone company’s guidance to block your caller ID.  Here is information for some of the common providers:


Dialing *67 code before a phone number and it will deactivate caller ID on a per call basis on some carriers. The caller ID on the call recipient will display “private number”.  Test this by dialing a familiar phone number to ensure it works.

Caller ID Blocking on iPhone

  1.   Go to Settings
  2.  Tap ‘Phone‘
  3.  Press Show My Caller ID
  4. Use the toggle switch to show or hide your number
            *Verizon Wireless does not support this feature.


Hide your number on an Android device

  1. 1.  Open the Phone app
  2. 2.  Open the Menu
  3. 3.  Select Settings
  4. 4.  Click on Other call settings
  5. 5.  Uncheck "Show Caller Information"