The MiCollab client allows you to make and receive calls directly from your desk phone needed!  This will replace your traditional desk phone, and can be installed on your Windows, Mac and/or mobile devices.  The MiCollab client will work anywhere you have Internet/signal on your device, and you don't need a VPN if you are not on campus.

Logging in for the first time

A deployment email (pictured below) is sent to new accounts and contains links to install the client on the available devices and a unique authorization key (red arrow).  This authorization key is all that is needed to log into your new account once the client is installed.  The QR code or the authorization key can be used on mobile devices.  

Once you are logged in, the MiCollab client will look similar to the picture below.

For instructions on how to use MiCollab, please see Using the MiCollab phone client on a computer.