You can create Teams meetings and invite people who do not have Lesley email addresses.  They will be able to participate in the Teams meeting, as long as they have a working microphone.  If their computer does not have a microphone, they may want to connect via a smartphone.

Follow the steps below to create your new Teams meeting and invite someone without a Lesley email addresses. They will receive an email meeting invitation with a link to the Teams meeting and will be able to connect via the Teams Web Application as a Guest.

  1. Create your meeting.
    • From the Outlook Calendar (1st image below) click on New Teams Meeting.  The Teams app needs to be installed on your computer in order for this button to display.
    • From the Teams Calendar (2nd image below) click on New Meeting.
    • From the Outlook Web App Calendar (3rd image below) click on New Event
  2. Add email addresses (non-Lesley and/or Lesley) in the applicable Required/Required Attendees/Invite attendees field.
  3. Add a meeting title, date, time and, if you have included Lesley email addresses check the scheduling assistant.
  4. Add desired text to the meeting invite that will now include a link to Join Microsoft Teams Meeting.
  5. Click on Send.