How to configure 802.1x on your Windows computer at Lesley University.

In order to use the wired network ports at Lesley University you will need to enable 802.1x on your PC.  This will allow your device to login to the network using your Lesley Credentials.  You can use the eduroam cat tool to configure this or follow the manual instructions below.  To use the cat tool follow this guide and say Yes to Step 9 to enable wired interfaces.

1. From the lower left start button go to search bar and type services.msc.  Click on the services icon.

2. In the services window find the service named "Wired AutoConfig"

3. Right click on this service and click on properties.

4. Select the Startup Type Automatic and press OK.


5. Restart windows for this to take effect.

6. From the lower left start button go to search bar and type ncpa.cpl.  Click on the ncpa.cpt icon.

7. Right Click on Ethernet Connection and select Properties

8. Click on the Authentication tab and select the option for 

  • EnableIEEE 802.1X authentication.
  • Also enable Fallback to unauthorized network access
  • Choose the network authentication method “Microsoft:Protected EAP (PEAP)” from the drop down:

9. Click Settings (next to the network authentication method drop-down)

10. Select Validate server certificate and Select "AAA Certificate Servives", "AddTrust" and "CommodoTrusted Root" Certification Authorities.

11. Click Configure next to the Select Authentication Method drop down

  1. Make sure the Automatically use my Windows logon name and password box is NOT Selected and press ok


12. Click Additional Settings and select Specify authentication mode and specify User authentication

13. Click Save credentials and enter your lesley Username and password.

14.  Press ok on the three windows and then connect you ethernet cable to the red port.