How do I give my parents or guardian access to review my financial information and pay my bill?

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Is a parent, guardian, or other trusted 3rd-party helping you finance your education? If so, you might want to grant them access to your student account billing information as an Authorized Payer. You'll do this through the Student Account Center (SAC).

To visit the SAC, log into Self-Service with your Lesley username and password at In the Financial Information menu, select "Student Finance" and then "View Billing Activity and Make a Payment." You will be redirected to the Student Account Center.

A screenshot of the Lesley University Self-Service home page. In the navigation menu on the left of the page, a mouse pointer highlights the View Billing Activity and Make a Payment option.

After you log into the SAC, your home screen will display. Here you can access your profile, review your expenses, make a payment, and manage refunds.

A screenshot of the Lesley University Student Account Center landing page. From here, students can access links to their profile and financial accounts, as well as view Expenses and Refunds, and set up mobile alerts and authorized payer access.

Authorized Payers (APs) can review your account/balance and make a payment towards the account. Only students/primary payers can add an AP, and there is a limit of five authorized payers. 

Adding an Authorized Payer:

1) Select Authorize Payers from the left-hand menu after you've logged in.


A screenshot of the SAC menu page. In the menu on the left side of the page, the option to authorize payers is highlighted.


2) From the Authorized Payers page, select "Add New." It is indicated with an encircled + sign. 

A screenshot of the SAC Authorized Payers page. The option to add a new authorized payer is highlighted.

3) Enter the AP's full name and email address. Next, confirm their email address, and create a login name for your AP. Select the Save button when you're finished.

A screenshot of the SAC Add Authorized Payer page. It displays a brief form prompting the student to enter their AP's name and email, and to choosse a username for their AP.

4) All APs you've added will be listed in a table including their name, login name, email, account status, and creation date.

A screenshot of the SAC Add Authorized Payers page. It displays a table including the names, login names, emails, and account statuses of all APs added by a student, as well as the date the student added them as an AP.


Making a Payment as an Authorized Payer:


1) Authorized Payers will receive their login information after they've been added as an AP. They can log in and make a payment on behalf of a student/primary payer. In the screenshot below, the Student/Primary Payer is Peter Payer and the AP is Jen Payer.



2) From the left-hand side navigation menu, the AP will select "Make a Payment" and Enter the Payment Amount.



3) Under "Payment Method," the AP should select a payment option under the drop-down menu. If they're a returning payer, and have saved payment information, it will appear under "stored profile."



Please note: An AP does not have access to the Primary Payer (student's) saved payment profile and vice versa. 

4) Once all necessary information has been entered, select "confirm," and then verify the entered information. A payment receipt will display upon successful completion.


For instructions on allowing access to your student academic record information, please visit our Knowledge Base article on the Self-Service Parent Portal.

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