Change My Payment Elections

Modified on Tue, 05 Mar 2024 at 12:36 PM

Colleagues can change payment elections any time.

Change Payment Elections

From the Workday home page, click the Benefits and Pay application under Your Top Apps. 

Under Tasks and Reports, click the Payment Elections task.

You will be directed to your Payment Elections screen where you can make changes. 

If you need to make changes to your current account information, you will see various actions you can take such as

  • Edit: Make changes to your current account.
  • Remove: Remove the account completely if it is no longer applicable.
  • View: Currently view your account information you submitted.

If you need to add an account, click the Add action to be able to enter a new account.


When you click Edit on your current account information, you will be able to make changes such as Account TypeRouting Transit NumberAccount Number, and Bank Name

Anything with a red asterisk is a required field and must be filled. 

If you have a check available, Workday helps you find where on your check will you find your bank information. 

If you need to split your payment through different accounts, click the Add action under your current accounts to add the bank information. You will complete all the required fields as shown above. 

Once you complete making your changes, click OK to save. You will be directed to your payment elections screen. 

Once you have all your account information submitted, you will be able to make changes to your payment election. Under the Payment Elections table, you will currently see how your payment is being sent to you. For this example, our worker's whole payment is being direct deposited to an account ending in 6789.

To make changes on your elections, click the Edit action. 

You will be directed to edit your Payment Elections. From this page, you can add accounts to split payment or change how you want to receive your pay. 

The country and currency will default to United States of America and USD. In Payment Type, you will be able to choose different options such as

  • Awaiting Wisely Pay Card: For any colleagues looking to receive their pay via Wisely pay card, you will select this payment type to be registered and approved for a Wisely Pay Card.
  • Check/Cheque: Receive your pay via a mailed check/cheque. 
  • Direct Deposit: Receive your pay via direct deposit. 
  • Wisely Pay Card: This payment type will be selected if you are already enrolled in a Wisely Pay Card. If you would like to enroll, your type would need to be Awaiting Wisely Pay Card. Once approved, payroll will update your payment type to Wisely Pay Card. 

Once you have your payment type selected, you will be prompt to add which account the payment will go to. As you already have entered your account information prior to changing your election, Workday will display all the account information submitted. 

Now that you know where your payment will go, the final step would be how you would like to receive your pay. Workday offers three options. 

  • Balance: Your total pay.
  • Amount: A dollar amount from your total pay.
  • Percentage: A percentage amount from your total pay. 

If you would like to split your total pay between accounts, click the '+' to add a new line where a new election can be entered. 

You will enter the same information such as payment type, account, and balance. If you split payments, Workday will send the amount or percentage to the selected account, and then the remaining balance will be sent to the other account. Below is an example of a split payment. 

Once you have your payment elections set up, click OK to save your changes. You will then be directed back to an overview of your payment elections.

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