To receive alerts:


Go to   

1.  Enter your Lesley username (do not include the and password in the applicable fields and press the Log In button.   The username and password are the same as for your LOIS and myLesley accounts, and will change when you change the password for those accounts.


2.  You will get to the My Account page where you can add your information using the Add button. Your Lesley email will already be populated in the system. You can press the Test button in the email section to receive a test email. Once you add your cell, you can press the Test button to receive a text test.   

 Notice the edit and delete buttons in the Mobile Phones and Voice Only Contacts that allow you to edit or delete the information in those sections.

Adding a Cell Number

1.  To enter your cell phone to receive alerts, press the Add button in the Mobile Phones section.  

2.   Add your number without any spaces or dashes.  Press the Continue button.

3.  You will be asked to add your cell carrier.  Choose from the drop-down menu and then press the Continue button.

4.  The system will send a test text to your cell with a confirmation code.  Enter that code in the Confirmation code field and press the Continue button.

5.  You will be brought to a page that lets you know that you successfully entered your cell number.  Press the Done button.

Adding a Voice Only Line

1.  To add a voice only phone number, press the Add button in the Voice Only Line Contacts section.

2.  Add your number without any spaces or dashes. Press the Save button to get back to the My Account page.

Adding another Email

1.  To add another email, press the Add button in the Email section.

2.  Enter your additional email in the Preferred Email field.  Press the Save button.