If you are on the Lesley campus, and can't access web-based applications that others on campus can access, such as Colleague, check to see that you have the Lesley search domains on your computer.

1. Click on System Preferences from the Apple menu, or click on the System Preferences icon in the dock.


2.  Click on Network in the System Preferences window.

3.  Click on the DNS tab.

4.  Click on the Advanced button.

5.  Add the Lesley search domains by clicking on the plus sign, then adding the search domain in the Search Domains window.  You will have to click the plus sign before you enter each of the three domains.   The three domains are: lesley.edu, lu.lesley.edu and lesley.lu.lesley.edu.  Press the OK button when you are done.

6.  Press the Apply button then close the window by pressing the little red button in the upper left-hand corner of the window.  You should now be able to access applications such as Colleague as long as you are on the Lesley network.