Turning Clutter on

1.Log into your Office 365 email at http://www.lesley.edu/email.

2.Click on the Settings icon (the little gear), and then choose Mail from the My app settings menu.

3. Under the Automatic processing section, choose Clutter to open the Clutter window, then click on the box before the Separate items identified as clutter field. 

  • Note: If you don't see Clutter in the list, then your email is set up using the Focused Inbox setting. In that case, you can go back to your Inbox. You'll see Focused and Other at the top of your email list. Click on Other to see if there are any emails that  you feel should be in the Focused section. If you want to move an email to Focused, then right-click on the email and choose Move to Focused inbox, or Always move to Focused inbox.

4. Another field called Send me notifications about messages that are separated by clutter will appear. You can choose to un-click that box, unless you want to receive all those notifications.  Press Save when you are done.

5. Press the arrow to the left of Options to get back to your email.

Turning Clutter off

You can turn the Clutter function off by un-checking the box in front of the Separate items identified as clutter field (See #3) and pressing the Save icon.