Viewing Grades in myLesley (Students)

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About My Grades

The My Grades area shows the status of gradable items, such as tests and assignments. The My Grades area may include item names, details, feedback from your instructor, grades, links to rubrics used for grading, and more.

Accessing My Grades

You may access the My Grades area from a few places within your course:

The Main Navigation (UBN)

Click on the Grades link in the myLesley Navigation (UBN). The Grades area shows all grading information across all of your courses. Here, you will see a list of recently graded items, upcoming assignments, and overall grades for each course. Click on a course to view all graded items within that course. You may also see newly posted grades in your Activity Stream.

Click on Grades in the main navigation

The Course Menu

Click on My Grades in the course menu to access the My Grades area of the course.

screenshot of My Grades link in course menu

The Tools Area within a course

Click on Tools in the course menu.

screenshot of Tools link in course menu

This will bring you to the Tools area of the course. Click My Grades to access the My Grades area of the course.

screenshot of My Grades link in Tools area

View Grade Details

If you access the My Grades area from the Global Navigation menu, you may see the grades for all of your courses. If you access My Grades from inside a course, you will see your grades for that course only.

screenshot of My Grades area

Click on any item in the View Grade Details area to view details for your grade. Your instructor may have provided feedback and/or comments. 

Grade Item Status

The following table describes the symbols appearing on the My Grades page.

-No information is available.
completed grading item icon (green checkmark)Item is completed, but will not have a grade (for items such as surveys).
submitted item awaiting grading icon (yellow circle with white exclamation point)Item has been submitted. This item is waiting to be graded.
GradeItem has been graded. Click the grade to view details.
attempt in progress icon (blue circle)Attempt is in progress. This item has not been submitted.
exempted item icon (grey circle with lines)Your grade for this item is exempted. You do not have to submit work.
error icon (red circle with white exclamation point)Error has occurred. Contact your instructor.
anonymous grading icon (grey person icon)Graded anonymously. Appears with rows where your instructor assigned grades with student names hidden during the grading process.
feedback icon (speech bubble)Click to view feedback from your instructor.

Viewing Graded Assignments

To view a graded assignment, including any comments or feedback your instructor has provided, go to your My Grades area and select your Assignment. Click your Assignment title to open it.

screenshot of My Grades area

This will bring you in to your Assignment's Review Submission History area. You will be able to see your submitted assignment, any comments your instructor has made, your grade, and any feedback your instructor has left. 

Image from

A. Sidebar: View Thumbnail, Outline, Annotation, or Bookmark views of the submission. Selecting an annotation in the sidebar summary view doesn't identify it within the document. 

B. Pages: Use the arrows to jump to different pages in the submission. 

C. Pan: Move the submission on the page. 

D. Zoom and Fit: Zoom in and out of the submission or adjust the view to fit the page, fit the width, or select the best fit. 

E. Print or Download: Print or download the submission with the annotations.

Please note that there is a known issue with some browsers' built-in PDF viewers not displaying annotations and comments correctly.  Please view your annotated PDFs in a native PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

F. Search: Search the submission for specific text.

For more information see Assignment Grades

Viewing Test Grades

Most test questions are auto-graded. When creating the test, your instructor will define the correct answers and assign points to each question. When you submit your test, Blackboard checks your answers and assigns the score.

Essay, File Response, and Short Answer questions are not auto-graded and your instructor will manually grade these questions after you complete your test. Grades for tests with these types of questions are released after your instructor has finished grading.

To view your test grades and any additional feedback from your instructor, go to your My Grades area and select your test.

For more information, see Tests: Grades and Feedback

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