To Sync your OneDrive for Business account you would have needed to login to the Office 365 account at, gone to your OneDrive application and clicked on the Sync button.  If you are not sure whether you have done this or not, you can check your computer by following the steps below for either a PC or a Mac.


  1. Go to your Windows System Tray, located in the taskbar ribbon near the time and date in the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Click on the arrow(s) to show hidden icons.
  3. Look for the double cloud icon. 
  • If the clouds have an yellow triangle with an exclamation point it means you are syncing and there are problems.

  • If the clouds do not have a yellow triangle, hover over the double cloud icon.  It will either indicate it is Up to date, which means you are synced or No libraries are currently connected, which means you are NOT synced.



  1. The double cloud icon will be listed on your Menu.  You may also find your OneDrive for Business or OneDrive - Lesley University listed in your Finder menu.