Connect your iPhone using your USB charging cable to your computer. Try to avoid using "AirPlay" since it will drain the battery very quickly
*Note - This only works is Apple computers!

  • Go to your settings > display and brightness, and then select setting's display to "never" turn off.

  • It's suggested to purchase a "Gooseneck" smartphone stand. You can get reliable stands for around $12 with your professional development funds! This helps you be able to write, read etc. while intentionally positioning your iPhone. 

  • Go to your camera and then choose the photo option. Do not reverse  the camera ("selfie mode") since it will mirror your image. Having the screen facing upwards helps you orient your camera to your subject.

  • Now select "Share iPhone/ iPad via Cable" option. 

  • When connecting your phone to your computer,  iTunes and Photos might automatically open up. The good this is that students won't actually see those. Just like any other programs that you are not using, you should Quit/close them out

* A leaving note, and a very helpful tip, would be to turn your notifications off while sharing. This will cut down from distractions while you use your iPhone as a document camera!