Faculty: How to View, Open and Assess Assignments on the Assignment Grid

Modified on Fri, 12 Jan 2024 at 09:28 AM

The Assignments Grid will be the primary place for you to review, approve, start, and manage all the assignments in your class(es). 

To get to the Assignments Grid, click the Manage Assignments button within the Assignments tile in your Program Management | Supervision environment. 

Grid Overview:

  1. Class Drop Down: Find all the classes you have supervision over here. You can quickly move between classes by selecting different classes from the drop-down. You may review all sections of a class copied from the same class template when you select the corresponding template (See image below)

  2. Student Drop Down: See a list of the students that are in the selected class. You can start typing and it will search for the student you are typing. When you click on the student’s name, you will be able to see assignments for that specific student only.

  3. More Filters Drop Down: Use this drop-down to create more filters such as assignment, status, course section, course term, and instructor

  4. Saved Filters: Clicking this button will let you save the current filter selection which can be referred back to in the future.

  5. Student Icons: These will display the student’s in the class, along with either their initials or their profile photo.

  6. Student Communication Button: Clicking the envelope icon at the end of the students row will let you send a message to all students in this class. You will have the option to send via Tevera's communications hub or by email.

  7. Assignment Review Icon: Clicking this icon will allow you to review all the assignments “waiting on me” for that particular assignment.

  8. Assignment Name: All assignments in the class are listed. If you click on the name of the assignment, you can edit the specific parameters of the assignment, like adding a due date!

  9. Start Assignment Plus Icon: This icon indicates the assignment can be started by you. You are able to click the + icon to open the assignment to complete on that student.

  10. Review All Icon: Clicking on this icon will allow you to review all the assignments “waiting on me” for all students.

  11. Status Icons: These are the different statuses that assignments can move through. You can click on any of the icons in the assignments grid to see who the assignment is waiting on, open completed assignments, or view assignments while they are in progress.


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