Recording and Sending a Voicemail Message Through Your Voicemail Box


This method provides more flexible delivery and addressing options than "Quick" messaging.


  1.     . Enter your mailbox.
  2.       When it says "Ready," press 6,
  3.       Record your message as prompted.  While recording you can choose:



Back up to beginning of your recording.


Review last few seconds.


Pause/resume recording.


Erase the recording totally.


End recording.


         4.  You will hear: "Enter address. To erase this message, press star (*) twice". You can:


  •   Dial the mailbox number or
  •   Press ** to erase the message


  5.  Then you will hear: "Enter another address. For addressing options, press pound (#.) To cancel previous address, press star (*) once. To erase this message, press star (*) twice".

At this point you can choose to:

  • Enter an additional address. You can enter up to ten in all. (Or, for more than ten, if you have created one, you can enter your "Personal Distribution List" code).
  • Press # for addressing options. Select from:



Send the message.


Erase the message.

Press * to cancel previous address.

Press * * to erase the message.