How do I access my voicemail mailbox to listen to messages?

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To access your voicemail mailbox from an on-campus phone:


Dial 2222.  Follow the prompts listed below.

To access your voicemail mailbox from off-campus phones:


Dial 617-868-9600.  When you reach the greeting, you can dial 2222 at any time.   Follow the prompts listed below.




When you hear the voicemail mailbox recording begin, follow the prompts, which will be:


"To enter your mail box, press pound (#). 

"Please enter your mailbox number." (your four-digit extension)

"Please enter your security code." (the security code you set up)

At this point, you may use the dial pad to access any of the available functions.

Note: If you are using your own on-campus phone, and the Message Waiting light is flashing red, you bypass having to enter your mailbox number to log into your voicemail.

1. Press the Message Waiting button. 

2. Enter your security code at the "Please enter your security code" prompt.


Listening To Voicemail Messages


Enter your mailbox.


* To listen to each message from first message, choose: 5

To listen to most recent message, choose: 15


While listening to each message, you can press:


Adjust voicemail volume: pressing 18 will cycle you through incremental voicemail volume levels


Back up 4 seconds


Erase the message (the system automatically erases messages you've listened to, unless you save, forward or reply to them before you exit your mailbox)


Forward the message to another mailbox (follow prompts)


Go ahead 4 seconds


Immediately call the campus telephone extension from which the message was sent (follow prompts; you are automatically exited from your mailbox)


Listen to the previous message


Pause/resume. (Can pause for up to about 2 minutes)


Record and send a reply to the message (follow prompts)


Repeat message from the beginning


Save the message


Time and date message left



Exiting your Voicemail Box



When you are finished doing any of the functions outlined in this guide, and are ready to exit your mailbox, don't just hang up. To exit:


*  Press #, and when you hear the word "Ready", press 9, and, when prompted,

*  Press 9 again.


Note: Listen to the prompts as you exit for other features and information, such as how many messages will be erased, or how to dial another extension, or how to re-enter the voicemail system.

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