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What is the Best Way to Create and Share a Zoom Link with my Students?

There are two different ways to create Zoom links and share them with your students. You could create your meeting in Zoom and then share the link with your students in your syllabus, Announcements, or other areas of your course. Or you could use the Blackboard/Zoom integration. There are some advantages and disadvantages of each tool.

Create Your Meetings in Zoom

Advantages of creating your meeting in Zoom:

  • Allows you to easily manage additional meeting options, such as pre-loading poll questions.
  • Allows you to easily share your meeting information in multiple places (syllabus, announcements, email, course content)
  • Allows you to pre-assign students to breakout rooms (your participants will need to log in using their Lesley Zoom account in order to utilize this feature).

Create Your Meetings Using the Blackboard/Zoom Integration

Advantages of using the Blackboard/Zoom integration:

  • No need to post separate links to meetings or recordings. Create the meetings and they will appear for your students in the Zoom area of your course.
  • If you recorded your meeting, recordings will appear in the Zoom area of the course for you and your students to access.

Create a Zoom Meeting and Share the Link with Your Students

The easiest way to invite your students or colleagues to a Zoom meeting is to create the meeting in Zoom and then share the Zoom meeting information. 

Create a Zoom Meeting

The easiest way to create a Zoom meeting is by going to the Zoom website. Go to lesley.zoom.us and log in with your Lesley credentials. 

Go to the Meetings area and click on the Schedule a Meeting button to create your Zoom meeting.

in Zoom, click on schedule a meeting

You will then be prompted to enter your meeting information. If you are creating a Zoom meeting for your course, you may choose to create a recurring meeting, which will allow you and your students to use the same Zoom link for each course meeting. Once you have finished, save your meeting.

For more information on creating Zoom meetings, including scheduling a Zoom meeting in the desktop app, see Scheduling Meetings.

This will bring you to your meeting information. Click the Copy Invitation link to copy your meeting information. You will paste this information into myLesley.

Share the Meeting Information

Once you have copied your meeting invitation, go to myLesley and into your course. Here you can share the meeting information with your students. You may wish to share it in an Announcement, post it in your Syllabus area, post it in your course content, etc.

Go to the area where you wish to post your meeting information and paste the information you copied from Zoom. 

For more information on adding content in myLesley see:

Use the myLesley Zoom Integration

Zoom is also integrated into myLesley. The Zoom integration allows faculty to schedule Zoom meetings and share them with their students. Zoom tool links can be added to your myLesley course menu or within a content section. 

Adding a Zoom tool link to your course menu is probably the easiest way for everyone to locate and attend Zoom meetings if you plan to have more than one throughout your course. 

To add the Tool Link, click the Add Menu Item button at the top left corner of the course menu. add menu item button in course menu

Select Tool Link from the menu.

click Tool Link

Give your link a Name and select Zoom Meeting from the Type drop-down list. Make sure Available to Users is checked. Click Submit to save your changes.

Add Tool Link interface

Click on the link you created to launch Zoom in a new window. 

Click Schedule a New Meeting to create new meetings or click Start or Join to join a meeting.
Zoom meeting scheduler screenshot

You may prefer to create a link to your Zoom meetings within other course materials to provide context on what you will be covering during the meeting. 

To begin, navigate to your content area of your course where you wish to add the Zoom link. Click on the Tools link a the top of the page. Then click More Tools and then click on Zoom Meeting.Add Tools menu in myLesley

Enter a Link Name, optional description, and set Available to Yes. Then click Submit.

Create Link interface

Your Zoom Meeting tool link will be added to the bottom of the content area. Click on the tool link to launch Zoom in a new window. 

Click Schedule a New Meeting to create new meetings or click Start or Join to join a meeting.
Zoom meeting scheduler screenshot

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