How can parents/guardians access their student's academic records?

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(Looking for instructions on granting access to your financial information? Please visit our Knowledge Base article on adding authorized users via the Student Account Center.)

Self-Service Proxy Access


Would you like a parent, guardian, spouse, or another individual to have online access to your academic records? At Lesley University, you have the option to grant online access to an individual(s) to view your academic information (grades) and/or notifications using their own Self-Service login. This individual is referred to as your proxy. You can grant online access to these individuals via Self-Service. You can also remove or edit your proxy's online access to your academic information and notifications via Self-Service.

After you add a proxy, we'll send them instructions on how to use Self-Service for Proxy Access. We'll need the proxy's email address to send the information and create the account. This address will also be their username.

By granting proxy access, you're authorizing your proxy to have online access to your academic information (grades) or notifications.

Please note: If you have added a chosen name to your account via Self-Service, your proxy will be able to view your chosen name. In addition, the email sent to inform your proxy on how to set up their Self-Service account will include your chosen name.

Using Proxy Access

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Instructions for Students


1. Visit the Lesley University Self-Service Portal at Log in using your Lesley username and password.

2. Select the "User Options" link in the navigation menu. It's the person icon on the left of the page (or the top if you're on mobile).


3. A drop-down menu will appear. Select "View/Add Proxy Access."

Self-Service main menu. The User Options selection is highlighted.


4. Select a proxy to allow under "Add a Proxy." The "Select a Proxy" drop-down lists family members already added to our system.


If the person you'd like to grant access to is listed, choose their name. If they're not listed, you can add them by selecting "Add Another User."

Self-Service View + Add Proxy Access screen. _Add a Proxy_ option is higlighted.

Self-Service Select a Proxy drop-down menu


Self-Service Select a Proxy drop-down menu.


5. If you're adding a new user, supply biographical information in the fields under "Select a Proxy." You must provide information where a field has an asterisk (*) beside it. Be sure to note your proxy's relationship to you in the "Choose a Relationship" drop-down.

Next, choose the level of access under the "Access" section. Proceed directly to this step if your proxy is already in our system.


There are two kinds of information you can allow your proxy to access:

  • General (notifications)
  • Academics (grades)


If you'd like to allow access to all the above, choose "Allow Complete Access."

If you'd like to allow access to only one of the above, choose "Allow Select Access." You'll then be able to select which type of information you'd like to allow your proxy to access.

Self-Service Proxy Access biographical data entry and Access Granting menu.

Self-Service Proxy Access Relationship drop-down menu.

Self-Service Proxy Access - Radio buttons and checkboxes for indicating access levels. 

6. Read the Authorization for Online Access to Your General Information and/or Academic Information by Your Proxy(ies), check the authorization box, and press "Submit."

Self-Service Proxy Access Disclosure Agreement.


7. Enter your password when prompted.

Self-Service Proxy Access Password Verification screen overlay.


8. If we need more information for any of the proxies you approved, a box with the following will appear:


"There are no existing users in the system who match the search criteria you entered. Click Continue to create a new user from the search criteria that you entered and grant that user the Proxy Access that you specified; otherwise, click Cancel."


Self-Service Proxy Access Overlay indicating that more proxy information is needed.


9. If we don't need more information, your proxy will receive an email from Lesley. The subject line should say: "You now have access to [student's name] account at Lesley University." The email will notify them of their new access, and provide sign-in information.

Find any proxies you've authorized under "Active Proxies."

Self-Service Proxy Access Active + Add Proxies. _Active Proxies_ is highlighted.

To revoke or change access at a later date:

In "View/Add Proxy Access", find the row for the proxy whose access you want to remove/change under "Active Proxies." Navigate to the pencil icon on the furthest end of the row and click on it.

Self-Service Proxy Access Active Proxies. Pencil icons are highlighted.

An overlay labeled "Edit Proxy Details" will appear. Select the level of access you would like to grant, or "Remove All Access" to remove access.

Edit Proxy Details Screen Overlay. The Access radio buttons are highlighted.

Instructions for Proxies


1. After your student grants proxy access, you'll receive an email notification. The content will vary depending on if you are:

  • a new user
  • an existing active user
  • an existing user that needs to be reactivated


If you're a new user, your account creation could take up to 3 business days. Once it's ready, you'll receive an email from Lesley Username Claim ( It will have instructions on how to claim your account.

If you're an existing active user, you may use your proxy access immediately. Refer to step 2 below.

If you need to reactivate an existing account, you'll receive an email from Lesley Username Claim ( It will have reactivation instructions.


2. Once you're ready, sign in to Self-Service with your Lesley username and password.

3. A "Person Proxy" screen overlay will greet you. Choose the student name whose details you would like to view.

Self-Service Person Proxy overlay.

4. The next screen will show the student details you're allowed to access. A green bar at the top of the page will note the student whose information you've accessed.

Self-Service in Person Proxy mode, indicated by a green bar noting that the proxy is viewing the student's information.


What is FERPA?

FERPA is a federal law that provides university students with access to and control over the privacy of education records. It also provides guidelines for appropriately using and releasing student education records. Lesley University adheres to FERPA guidelines regarding the access and release of education records. You can visit the Lesley University FERPA webpage to learn more about FERPA.


Can the same individual be granted proxy access by multiple students?

Absolutely. We identify proxies by email address. So multiple students can assign proxy access to the same individual using the same email address. This is especially helpful for siblings attending Lesley. But, each student has to grant access to their proxy individually.


I’m a proxy and I can’t see all my student's information. Why?

If you can't see certain information, it means the student hasn't given you permission to view it. Only the student can change the permissions granted to a proxy. Neither Lesley administrators nor the Lesley Support Hub can alter these permission settings. The proxy access allows a student to authorize online access to the student's academic information and/or notifications.


(Looking for financial/billing information? That access is granted and managed on the Student Account Center. For more information, please consult our knowledge base article (If you're looking for other student information, please review Lesley's FERPA webpage).


Can a proxy change their proxy email address?

Yes. Proxies can do this on the Proxy Access profile page. Update the email address, save your changes, and watch your inbox for two emails. The first one goes to the old email address to let you know a request for a change was submitted. The second one goes to the new email address, showing that an address change was initiated. The second email also has a unique link which you should click to confirm the change is correct.

Can multiple proxies use the same e-mail address for Proxy Access?

Yes. But each proxy must have their own account on Self-Service. In other words, a student can grant proxy access to two parties that share an email address. However, each party must complete the account creation process on their own.

Can students give different access levels for different proxies?

Yes. Every student who grants proxy access decides whether to grant an individual online access to their academic information and/or notifications. Students decide who gets proxy access, for how long, and what they can see.

Can a proxy change a student’s information?

No. Proxies can only view the student information that has been authorized by the student. They can't make updates to information like a permanent address.

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