Scanning and password-protecting a pdf to a USB flash drive

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If you are scanning something into the Toshiba printer that you wish to keep secure, you can scan directly onto a flash drive and put a password on the file.

How to scan securely on the Toshiba printers

1. Log onto the Toshiba printer by either tapping your Lesley ID or by entering your Lesley credentials.

2. Select Access Drive.

3.  Tap Scan.

4. Tap USB.

5. Plug your FAT32-formatted USB flash drive into the USB port on the left side of the touch panel. When you plug in the flash drive you should see a message in the lower left-hand corner of the screen saying that a USB device has been found.

6. Change the file name, file format and security settings as you'd like. If you choose to turn on security, then you will need to enter a user password and a master password for the file. The passwords must be different, and you will have to be very careful while entering each password, since the system only allows you to enter each password once. If you mistype the password you may need to scan the document again. 

7. Tap OK.

8. Put your document on the scan-bed and tap Scan.

9. Tap Job Finished after all the documents have been scanned.  The printer will then write the files to the USB flash drive. You should see a message in the lower left-hand corner of the screen that says USB device in use while the files are being written, and then a message saying USB device can be removed once the files have been written.

10. Remove the flash drive.

11. Tap the home button on the copier (the little house icon).

12. Tap your name in the top center of the screen.

13. Tap the logout button.

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