Lesley University Desktop Printer Policy

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Reduce the cost of consumables and energy by using more efficient printing devices
  • Ensure utilization of the University multi-function printer fleet whenever possible
  • Support green initiatives by reducing the number of printing devices

Desktop Printer Purchasing

The purchase of personal desktop printers must be expressly approved in advance of purchase by the Chief Financial Officer or the Chief Information Officer.  While the low initial cost of personal inkjet or laser printers makes them attractive, the overall cost of ownership for these printers (the total cost-per-copy) is very high.  The University spent more than $52,600 on toner alone for personal printers during fiscal year 2014.

A good, lower cost option for printing is the University Copy Center (ext. 8980). The Copy Center can accept color and black and white print jobs via email requests and will promptly deliver the result to your office. The Copy Center can also assist with configuring your computer to print to a Toshiba multi-function printer. Please contact them at document@lesley.edu for more information. 

Information Technology (ext. 8770) can assist users with either accessing an existing network printer or obtaining a new networked printer for use by all staff in the department or area.

Confidential Printing

All staff members occasionally have the need to print a document they consider confidential. While printing these documents requires care by the staff member to ensure that they are not left on the device once they are printed, confidential printing needs are not justification for a personal printer.  

To help protect your documents in this environment, your network copier has a "secure print" option which locks a document in the printer until you enter a password to retrieve it. The University Copy Center (ext. 8980) can explain these features and assist with adding this feature to your computer.