When you change your Mac computer's password, you are ONLY changing it for your Mac computer. Your LOIS, myLesley and Lesley email password is not changed. However, you can always choose to change your Mac computer's password to match your Lesley credentials if you wish.

1. Go to System Preferences.

2. Click on Users and Groups.

3. At the bottom left of the window there will be a lock.  Click the lock to unlock it.

4. Your profile should be highlighted in the left-hand side window.  Click on the Change Password button.

5. Enter your current password in the Old password field, then enter your new password in the New password and Verify fields. Click on the Change Password button.

7. Click on the lock again to lock your account.


If you've forgotten your password, and can't log into your Mac, you can contact Information Technology at 617-349-8770, or it@lesley.edu.