When you can't take your calls at your desk, you may divert them to voicemail or to another extension.

To divert all your calls to voicemail, neither you nor caller hears rings:

  1.  Press * 2 # (you will hear a pulsating dial tone), then press the hang-up key.
  2. To cancel, press # 2 #, then press the hang-up key.

To divert your calls to ring another extension:

  1.  Press * 2 *, press destination extension, #, hang up (you will hear a pulsating dial tone).
  2. To cancel, press # 2 # and hang up.

Diverting a Hunt Group Number

If your office has a main number (called a pilot number), you can divert the main number to a voicemail.  Note: The main (pilot) number of your office must have a mailbox for this feature to work.

To divert a Hunt Group number:

  1. Press 2 * (pilot number) * 2222 # and hang up.
  2. To cancel - from the same phone you used to set up the diversion - press # 2 * (pilot number) # and hang up.